Garden Centre

When we first started with our flower nursery, it was certainly a learning experience. Beginning with only about 30 different varieties, we quickly learned what works best for us here in Newfoundland.

Today, we grow more than 400 varieties and colors of annuals and perennials in 23 greenhouses at TWO locations! At 173 Brookfield Road, you can enjoy the beautiful plants in 7 greenhouses, and at our 71 Heavy Tree Road (close to Southlands and the Goulds), you have 6 greenhouses to choose your plants from. Not only have we learned what works but also what flowers are eye catching in your garden. For the home gardeners, we also have a selection of vegetable, herb and tomato transplants. Read on for a list of the flowers and herbs we have available.

We also carry a number of trees, and shrubs perfect for your landscaping needs. Interested in planting your own vegetables and herbs? Stop on by to see our wide variety of starter plants for both vegetables and herbs that do well in our climate.

Want to learn some tips and tricks? Check out our classes we offer!

Custom Flower Arrangements

Simply bring in your pot(s) to our farm market, provide us with some additional information, and we'll take care of the rest! We offer custom arrangements on a first-come, first-served basis as space is limited. We will begin taking orders on Monday, May 24, 2021.


Abutilon Celosia Gypsophilia Paeonia
Achillea Cuphea Helenium Pansy
Acontium Chinese Lantern Helianthus Penstenmon
Acrolinium Coleus Helichysum Petunia
Actaea Columbine Hollyhock Petunia Waves
Ageratum Coreopsis Hosta Phlox
Alternathera Cosmos Impatiens Polemonium
Alyssum Creeping Jenny Ipomoea Poppies
Alchemilla Cupids Dart Iresine Purple Lady Potentilla
Allium Dahlia Ivy Primula
Arabis Daisies Lamiastrum Pulmonaria
Arenaria Datura Lantana Ranunculus
Argyranthemum Delphinium Laurentia Roses
Armeria Dianthus Lavatera Rudbeckia
Aruncus Diascia Lillies Salpiglosis
Linaria Salvia
Asters Dichondra Lisianthus Saponaria
Astilbe Dimorphotheca Lobelia Scabiosia
Aubrieta Doronicium Lupin Sedum
Bachelor Buttons Dracaena Lychins Snapdragon
Bacopa Dusty Miller Malva Snow in Summer
Balloon Flower Echinacea Marigold Straw Flowers
Begonias English Daisy Matricaria Stocks
Bellis Eucalyptus Mesembryanthemum Sunflowers
Bells of Ireland Euphorbia Million Bells Sweet William
Bidens Ferns Mimosa Thunbergia
Brachycome Garlardia Mimulus Trillium
Browallia Gazania Morning Glory Trollius
Brunnera Geranium Nasturtium Verbena
Butterfly Bush Geum Nemophila Veronica
Butterfly Flower Gladiolus Nicotainia Viola
Calendula Glechoma Nierembergia Zinnia
Campanula Godetia Nigella
Candytuft Gomphrina Ornamental Kale
Carnation Grasses Osteospermum

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