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Celebrating ten seasons growing future farmers!

Lil’ Lester’s is a program we created in 2011. We wanted to give kids the opportunity to do what we love, farm! In this program kids of all ages will learn some basics of farming through fun and rewarding work. The members will have the chance to see how things grow, learn the importance of farming in Newfoundland, all the while having fun and meeting new friends!

This program runs during the summer. Each group will meet once a week, the same time each week for a set number of weeks. Farming in Newfoundland is unique and changes often; by coming once a week the same time each week our farmers in training will have the opportunity to see what’s GROWing on throughout the season. Depending on what club you sign up for, the club will run for either four, or five weeks. Since we wanted to reach as many kids as we could, we have since added to our original club so that we could accommodate a wider variety of ages. Please read the following descriptions about the club divisions.

We are very proud to have this program exclusive to our one and only farm, Lester's Farm Market, located on Brookfield Road. Have questions? Feel free to contact Susan through email or through our Facebook page at any time.


All of our programs are full for the 2021 season! Thanks for your support!

Lil' Lester's and Covid

We were so proud of how all of our future farmers and families adapted to our new normal with Covid protocols in place. We will continue to have high sanitization and cleaning protocols before, after and during each group, we will be limiting numbers in each group, and each member will have their own materials and space to work and learn in. We will continue to evolve with the current situation, the safety of our future farmers, their families and our staff is of utmost importance.

Parent & Tot

This group is for parent with kids ages 6 months up to three years old. There are two sections of our parent and tot: "Seeds" which is for kids ages 6 months to just walking, and "Sprouts" which is for kids who are comfortably walking up to 3 years in age. They will meet for 45 minutes once a week for four consecutive weeks. During our Parent and Tot Program we focus on encouraging, engaging and exploring agriculture while having lots of fun! After they have completed the Parent and Tot program they can then continue with our Littlest Lester's Program in the following year.

Sprouts For Shift Workers

This is a parent and tot group which is perfect for shift workers with little ones. This group will meet the first week (May 25) on Tuesday at 10:00, the following week on Wednesday at 10:00, the third week back to Tuesday at 10:00 and the final week on Wednesday at 10:00.

Littlest Lester’s

This club is for ages 3-4. They meet for 45 minutes once a week for five consecutive weeks. During this time the kids will be able to plant their own flowers and veggies, pick a few of our delicious berries as well as visit our animal friends. Of course to reward them for all of their hard work we will have a farm celebration on the last night of the club.

Lil’ Lester’s

This club is for ages 5-8. This group of kids will meet for an hour and a half once a week for five weeks total, or in the condensed program they will meet for two hours for four weeks total. They too will get to plant their own veggies, they will also get to harvest some veggies, visit our animal friends and learn some more basics to farming. Again to reward all of their hard work they too will have a farm celebration on the last night of the club.

Junior Lester’s ages 7 - 10

This is a five-week program which again meets for an hour and a half each week. Our Junior Lester Program further builds on farm activities and knowledge. Along with doing similar activities as the previous groups, they will also be responsible for their own garden which we will have set up for them here on the farm. This group will meet for four consecutive weeks in the summer and then they will meet once in October. As always, we will celebrate the summer’s hard work on the last night of the club.

Condensed Program

Going on holidays in August? Then our condensed program is perfect for you! What we have done is condensed the usual six-week one hour fifteen minute program, into a four-week two hour program. Even though the program is four weeks they will still do the same activities as the regular seven-week program, just on a slightly different time line.

We offer the condensed program for the Lil’ Lester’s (ages 5-8). The condensed program is on Wednesdays and will start June 30th.

Senior Lester’s ages 10-13

This program is geared towards ages 10-13 and will meet once a week for a total of five times (4 times in the summer, once in October). They will be doing many farming activities such as planting, growing, harvesting and they will also be doing some handling of the animals as well. We really want to open the possibilities of agriculture up to this age group!

The following are the starting dates for each of the programs. Please note, these are subject to change based on how Covid is progressing:

Parent & Tot:

Littlest Lester's:

Little Lester's:

Junior Lester's:

Senior Lester's:

Parent & Tot Time Slots

Littlest Lester's, Lil' Lester's Junior & Senior Lester's

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