When they returned to the farm, John and Mary started off growing just a few types of vegetables on 25 acres of land. Our farm market has grown each year since 1994. Today, John, Mary, family and staff grow and produce more than 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Of course, in order to maintain all of our crops, we have added to our acreage over the years as well; from the 25 acres we started with, we have now grown to 120 acres.

All of our produce is sold in our market directly to our customer. Best of all, our produce is harvested daily so that we can provide you with fresh, home grown vegetables. With the help of our greenhouses and new farm technologies such as plasticulture and high tunnels, we have been the first in Newfoundland to grow crops such as corn, melons, artichokes, asparagus and more!

Interested in growing your own fruit and veggies? Check out our gardening classes that we offer! We also have a great program for kids, to learn about our Lil’ Lester’s click here.


Artichoke Collards Lettuce Squash
Asparagus Corn Onions Strawberries
Beans Cucumbers Oriental Veggies Swiss Chard
Beets Eggplant Peas Tomatoes
Broccoli Garlic Peppers Turnip
Brussels Sprouts Gourds Potatoes Zucchini
Cabbage Greens Pumpkins  
Carrots Herbs Radishes  
Cauliflower Kale Raspberries  
Celeriac Kohlrabi Rhubarb  
Celery Leek Spinach  

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