As farmers, we always get the joy of picking and harvesting all of our veggies for you. In 2002, we had a chance to add a u-pick and we never looked back! Our u-pick is always a fun event for anyone and everyone. The strawberry u-pick usually begins in July and will run for about two to three weeks depending on a number of influences. Like many of our other crops, the berries are heavily influenced by the weather.

We have two u-pick locations: one is next to our market on Brookfield Road, and the other is on Heavy Tree Road (by Southlands).

Before heading to the field, be sure to check our Facebook page or give us a call to ensure the field is open and when. We'll update our page and phone message every morning and then again during the day if anything changes.

So, how do you pick in our u-pick? Easy! Every morning we scout the fields to ensure that there are berries there, when we find a good spot we mark it with a flag. When you come to the fields, an employee will direct you where to pick and from there you can pick as little or as much as your heart desires! We have gallon buckets here that you can purchase or you can bring your own. Just be sure you stop by our cash to have your bucket weighed first.

When you're picking berries make sure that you look all around the plants, the berries like to hide under the leaves for protection. As well, make sure you pick berries that are red all around; they are the sweetest!

The cost of the u-pick is determined by the amount you pick; the strawberries are per pound. As our Brookfield Road location has a wagon ride to the field, the price of the u-pick is $3.05 per pound, our Heavy Tree Road location (more of a park and pick location) is $2.85 per pound.

So come along, bring your buckets, and enjoy another one of our traditions!

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